Which Is Healthier: Bathing With A Shower Or Bath Tub?

Everyone must stay clean, that’s for sure. Bathing is the most important way to maintain a healthy body and protect yourself from infections, bacteria, and diseases. Maintaining personal hygiene is also important for self-confidence and emotional well-being. The main purpose of bathing is to eliminate dirt and odors. While some people prefer to relax soaking in warm water in a bathtub, others prefer the convenience of bathing under a swift shower from shower sets, especially in the morning before preparing to start the day. Or, the choice to use one method or the other is personal taste. Whether it’s bathing with a shower, or in a bathtub, all have advantages and disadvantages of each resources.

Which one saves more water?
A shower alias can pump up to 9.5 liters per minute, so a body cleansing session in just 10 minutes will only drain about 95 liters of water. However, if your shower is equipped with a low flow option, then the volume of water that will be wasted will actually be more, which is about 475 liters per minute. In comparison, a standard bathtub can hold up to 190 liters of water when you soak.

Which is more effective for cleaning?
Soaking in the bathtub is the best way to relax and enjoy your personal time. In addition, you can do a lot of experimenting when you soak by making foam, adding essential oils, or even using a bath bomb, to improve relaxation or improve skin quality.

Bathing is very good because the steam from warm water in the bathtub can help open the pores and shed the dirt. However, all dead skin cells and dirt that fall out of your body will be mixed in your body’s immersion water, not to mention the residual soap and shampoo you use.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to get around this: rinse with clean water after you get out of the tub. Bathing with a shower can refresh and restore energy levels, especially with showers that have water massage facilities. Dirt can be washed away immediately to drainage.

If your body is very dirty, for example after playing sports outdoors, it might be useful to rinse the body directly under the shower, not by bathing. Or, if you still want to soak, you can rinse your body before entering the bathtub, so that the remaining dirt is not left on the skin.

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